The Irish Road Haulage Association has today, 8th of September, reiterated its criticism of the use of derogatory wording by Irish Rail following a bridge strike in Dublin by a HGV last weekend.

While Irish Rail have claimed that their ‘dumb truckers’ campaign seeks to raise awareness of bridge strikes, the IRHA firmly believes that such an approach does nothing more than insult all professional drivers engaging in the road haulage sector who have never struck a bridge during the course of their working life.

The IRHA has stated that all parties in this subject matter have a responsibility to ensure safe passage on our road network and the association and its members are committed to that effort. However Irish Rail must acknowledge their critical input in ensuring that bridge heights are accurate at all times and low bridges are flagged well in advance on the roadside.

President of the IRHA Ms Verona Murphy stated “The IRHA acknowledges that it is within Irish Rails remit to ensure all bridges are structurally sound but we categorially reject the use of such inflammatory language by Irish Rail. Their communication strategy in this instance is completely flawed.”

Ms. Murphy continued “On behalf of the members of the Irish Road Haulage Association, I am calling on Minister Ross to ask Irish Rail to withdraw their video and comments and to offer an apology to those who have been offended.”


For further comment please contact IRHA President Verona Murphy on 087 253 2720